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What We Offer

Our safety equipment is mainly selected for paddling on the Tidal Thames which at times is a very fast flowing river. We have 30+years of experience on moving water (through kayaking originally) and your safety equipment should always be based on the water and conditions you are paddling in and the worst case scenario. We prefer our customers to see what they are buying or better yet try first when it comes to watersports equipment. All equipment can be viewed or purchased at one of our locations, please contact on 0203 393 5360 for more info or to arrange demo or purchase and pick up.


(personal flotation devices) are a must on moving water and we would recommend on most waterways regardless of swimming ability. For SUP a low profile buoyancy aid is preferable to make self rescue easier. As well as keeping you afloat while you look out for hazards and get back on to your board a buoyancy aid will keep your core warm and help to protect you from cold water shock and in colder weather hypothermia.

A top quality inflatable PFD which is ideal for training or racing in warm weather when a standard PFD could cause you to overheat.



Leashes are essential for independent paddling alone especially but selecting the right leash is as important as the decision to wear a leash itself. On any river or moving (tidal) water a quick release leash is a must! You can purchase quick release leashes to clip on to your PFD or a quick release waist belt to convert a leg leash into a quick release waist leash. You can read more about our policy on leashes here. *insert link*

A proven QR leash from a brand long established in the paddling world.  NRS make some of the best safety equipment available


Active 360 Quick release Leash

We sourced this high quality but inexpensive QR leash for use on buoyancy aids and our coaches have trained and tested it.


Active 360 Quick release Waist leash

A well padded and comfortable belt and QR leash.


A simple, inexpensive and effective QR belt to turn your leg leash into a leash fit for moving water.


A good strong leg leash for open water where quick release is not required.


A good leg leash from a strong brand.  Use with the Panda Belt to convert it to QR.


A good entry level leash for sheltered water paddling where QR is not essential.