Active 360


What We Offer

We mostly use and sell boards ranging from 11′ – 14’ in length and 28” – 34” in width suitable for the Tidal Thames. The size suitable for you will depend on your size and weight, where you want to paddle and your experience.  Where you see package that means a paddle is included.  A fin, pump and bag is always included as standard with new boards. We also have a few shorter, lower volume boards which are good for beach holidays, sheltered coves and other less demanding water.  Please enquire to find out which boards we currently have in stock. We always recommend trying before you buy so why not set up a demo session where we can discuss options and you can try out several to find out what works best for you ? 

One of the best 12’6″ touring boards by a top brand.  


A top quality lightweight touring board designed with an eye for detail.  The 14″ length makes it faster and more stable  than the 12’6″ and there’s more carrying capacity and volume. 


A good basic board for entry level paddling on a budget. Though we don’t recommend boards this short for Tideway use as you need more length to paddle against the tide – this is not a slow board and a good option as a first board for sheltered beach, canal and other sheltered water use.

(RRP £520)

Plenty of volume for heavier or unsteady paddlers and stable enough for trying out fast moving rough water.


A good balance of stability and speed in an inexpensive package with a good paddle, bag and pump.


Faster than the 12’6″x 32″ pro but a bit less stable  so best suited to lighter or more experienced paddlers. 


Similar performance to the Pro of the same  dimensions but lighter and with a full carbon paddle and Gladiator’s best pump.


One of our coaching team’s boards of choice on the Tideway  Lightweight but stable and quick.  Comes with a full carbon paddle, wheelie bag and great pump.


Good all round rigid, stable touring board at a budget price.  Paddle and carry bag are basic but you can always upgrade later.


A great, stable touring board, this is wide for a 14′ board so great for bigger paddlers and our preferred choice for TSK trips into Central London.