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Dry bags and cases

Active 360 10L tube lightweight Drybag

A lightweight dry bag that can hold a good amount of kit but also pack down small when not filled. Comes with clip on straps to wear as a backpack.


Aquapac 15L Heavyweight Drybag

This 15 Litre dry bag holds enough kit for an extended day trip or a fair weather overnight trip. The shoulder strap enables easy carrying for equipment up to around  10kg. The bag is very light but made from durable, tear resistant material.  It rolls up small enough to fit under deck-lines.


Aquapac 25L Heavyweight Drybag

This bigger bag holds 25 litres of kit, enough for most trips while still being light and easy to carry or fold up. Discount available on Aquapac using code
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An efficient and lightweight pump which will easily pump boards to 20+ PSI.


An effective, lightweight pump for most boards.


Great design and super efficiency.  Works on down and up pump action for easy inflation to 20 psi.


A two stage pump guarantees correct pressure. Stage1 provides rapid pumping at low pressure and stage 2 provides normal speed to reach high pressure.  Will pump several boards on one charge of its built in battery.  


Board and paddle bags

Active 360 Light Board Bag

An inexpensive but rugged  lightweight bag with rucksack carry straps. 


Active 360 Recycled Padded Wheelie Bag

A top quality wheelie bag with space to accommodate all boards up to 14′ with extra kit.  Also has a padded rucksack system built in for versatility.


A top quality branded wheelie bag with integral rucksack straps.


Red Paddle All Terrain Board Bag 2018

A premium heavy-duty board bag with wheels, grab handles and rucksack straps.


Pro Limit AirSUP Wheelie Bag

A heavy-duty padded board bag.  Wheels, grab handles and extra straps on the side to make the bag more compact.