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Explore our site to find out how you can get involved in stand up paddleboarding in London – a world of new adventure on water! Check What We Do section for more ideas for a fun day out on the water and a new passion of getting healthier, happier and more connected to the environment! 

Active360 team is dedicated to introducing people of all ages and abilities to stand up paddleboarding on the River Thames and London waterways. Whether you are a complete beginner and just want to try a paddle boarding experience in London or are looking to paddle on the Thames independently and want to do it safely – we are here to help!  

We have a long standing background in kayaking, canoeing and Stand Up Paddle boarding experiences with an excellent safety record and a passion for sharing the love for paddlesports and environmental awareness.

We have 3 bases in London with the main one at Kew Bridge on the River Thames opened in 2011. We mainly operate on the stretch of the Tidal Thames between Richmond and Hammersmith. We take paddlers beyond Chelsea up to Tower Bridge but this requires special TSK training and awareness of paddling safely on the Tideway. 

We also have two locations on the Grand Union Canal in Central London in Paddington by Little Venice and a children and family friendly base by Brentford Lock

We aim to offer paddlers of all ages, abilities and skills varied opportunities to take part in paddlesports by offering paddle boarding beginners and intermediate sessions as well as SUP and canoe rentals ,  opportunities to progress skills and become safe and competent paddlers on the River Thames through our Thames Skills and Knowledge courses. We offer paddle boards demo sessions so you can choose and buy the right equipment. And for those really enthusiastic and good on the water – we give opportunities to train to coach the sport.

“We have 10 years experience in Stand Up Paddleboarding and over that time we have tried out many types or SUP equipment from a multiple range of brands.”

Paul Hyman – Founder

What we offer:

We offer a wide range of activities on water and provide opportunities to get involved in the SUP paddling community in London. 

Group Sessions

Meet new like-minded people whilst learning to paddle board or improving your paddleboarding skills. Don't be on your own - enjoy being out on the river with others!

Private Sessions

Book your own private session with an instructor and let us tailor the session to suit your ability and needs, any requirements you may have eg. celebrating a special occasion in an unconventional way - on water with friends and family!

SUP & Canoe Rentals

You can explore the routes we love independently starting from one of our bases on the Grand Union Canal hiring a paddle board or a canoe and creating your own mini adventure!

Yoga & Pilates

Stretch, balance, rejuvenate and re-connect with your body on the water! Let the outdoors be your exercise studio. Replace exercise mats with large anchored paddle boards floating on calm water and reconnect with nature. 

Natural History Tours

Explore the River Thames from a SUP, appreciate its natural beauty, learn its history, ecology and get close to wildlife. River Thames has one of the most diverse ecosystems. I bet you are surprised by that...

TSK & Training

Thames Skills and Knowledge courses to learn about safe and responsible independent paddling on the River Thames and if you wish to progress to become a SUP coach.

Get started at our locations!

Each of our London locations has something different to offer to paddlers. Rich in wildlife and history and a unique way to see the sights, enjoy time on the water with friends and family and learn or improve your paddleboarding skills. 

Paddington Basin

Grand Union and Regent's Canal by Little Venice in Central London, Merchant Square, London W2 1AS * We are right next to Go Boats Paddington at the Rolling Bridge

Brentford Lock

Grand Union Canal - perfect for beginners, families and children! Paddlers Avenue, Commerce Road, Brentford Lock West, London, TW8 8LR

Our pricing

We want you to have a great time and get the most out of being on the water with us. Our pricing structure is explained in FAQs

Group Session

*meet some interesting people
£ 45 Prices start from
  • Land-based training at the start
  • Guided tour
  • Technique advice and tips
  • Reduced 'returning paddlers' rate

Private Session

*have your own instructor
£ 65 Prices start from
  • A time and location to suit you
  • Fully tailored
  • Technique training
  • Or bespoke celebration
  • Perfect for families

Hire Equipment

*create your own mini adventure
£ 30 Prices start from
  • Use at our location or take away
  • Paddle at your own pace
  • Take a picnic or stop for a drink
  • Boards, canoes and safety equipment

Meet our team

Highly qualified diverse team of coaches with experience and passion for watersports. 

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